DVD and CD Authoring and Replication


RareSky was the 1st in Denver Colorado and the entire the Rocky Mountain region to offer DVD and Blu-ray authoring and replication services. 

Creating Blu-ray and DVD masters can be a complex process. We are here to help! Call us anytime and we will walk you through the process. 303-741-6878. Or use our contact page

  • Blu-ray and DVD Authoring
  • Blu-ray and DVD mastering using BluStreak Tracer CMF
  • Blu-ray replication
  • Blu-ray duplication
  • DVD replication services and dvd duplication services. 

Blu-ray Information Page

While Blu-ray and DVD authoring is not simple, there are several great do-it-yourself blu-ray and dvd authoring tools available. We would be happy to walk you through the process.  We can also take your project through the final stages of premastering and replication. Whether you need 1 disc or 1 million, we want your project to be a huge success.


Preparing Masters for Blu Ray Replication on BD-R media.

Most BD-R software creates a format that is used for home movies (BDAV).  This format is not ready for replication because the media needs to be in a BDMV format.  BDMV has a different structure totally and we cannot convert a BDAV to a BDMV. However, we can take your existing project and complete the final steps of premastering to get your blu-ray ready for replication. 

Submitting Masters for Blu Ray Replication on DLT

  • Blu-ray optical disks are replicated from CMF file sets (or BDCMF). Note: This is different than the requirements for burning DVD disks from ISO images or other file sets commonly output by many consumer level software packages for authoring DVD’s.
  • Please output the CMF file set to a folder immediately beneath the root directory. i.e. c:\<selection name>\<CMF file set> not c:\<authoring house name>\<customer name>\<authoring technician name>\<selection number>\<revision number>\<CMF file set>. Nested directories add complexity to processing your job.
  • Use Windows Backup to copy the CMF file set to a DLT III or DLT IV cassette. Make sure “Verify After Copy” is turned on in Windows Backup.
  • Label the DLT using a unique content number, and your contact information.
  • The content number MUST be unique across all submissions coming from your company, and should be referenced on your purchase order. This is the identifier we will use to tie the DLT you submit to the program content that will be encoded onto your disks. The number may be up to 35 alpha numeric digits long.
  • Please include contact information for whoever produced the DLT cartridge so we can get in touch quickly if we have questions.

Submitting Masters for Blu Ray Replication on Firewire Drive

  • Again, we need to receive a BDCMF image. Sonic Scenarist, SONY Blu Print & NetBlender DoStudio can all produce this type of image. If you are using Adobe Encore you will need BluStreak Tracer CMF. RareSky can easily produce a BluStreak Tracer BDCMF for you. Call us at 303-741-6878 to find out how. We can usually turn your BDCMF within 24 hrs.
  • Files that need be included in the BDCMF are listed below. Those in red are manitory:

bdcmf Copyright © 2008 Eclipse Data Technologies, Inc.

There is another type of image called a SONY CMF. Technically we can accept these images, but these differ slightly from the more standard BDCMF. The files contained in a SONY CMF would differ slightly and should include: CPTBL.DAT, PAC.DAT, PIC.DAT, UCD.DAT & UD.DAT

Blu-ray Authoring Services

RareSky can create all types of Blu-ray DVDs. We can include multiple menus, or no menus with a simple video loop - perfect for blu-ray players, HD projection, HDTV, tradeshows or events. 

Blu-ray Replication pricing can be obtained by calling 303-741-6878 or using our contact page.

Blu-ray Usage Guide & Design Kit

There is a document that can assist you in effectively implementing the Blu-ray Disc brand across various types of media, distribution and product. The "Retailer Usage Guide and Design Kit" will direct you in correct brand identity and logo usage, including in-store signage and approved copy and graphics for use in creating consumer communications.