Blu-Ray Replication Pricing


Minimum Blu-ray Replication order size is 1,000 discs

  • RareSky offers both Single Layer (BD25) and Dual Layer (BD50) Blu-ray discs.
  • Offered in Bulk, or fully packaged, retail-ready Blu-ray disc style cases.
  • More information on how to submit masters for Bluray Replication can be found here on our Bluray Resource Page.

Bulk Blu-Ray Mastering & Replication Pricing  (please call 303-741-6878 or use our CONTACT PAGE.

Sales Tax only applies to orders being shipped to Colorado - everywhere else, ZERO Sales Tax

Advanced Access Content System (AACS)

AACS digital rights management is required on all Blu-Ray projects, unless you are producing a ROM-only product. Any Blu-ray disc (BD-25 or BD-50) with any video content, be it for commercial or non-profit purposes must pay the AACS Title Key Certificate fees. These fees, which are our true costs, without any mark-up, include: AACS Title Keys, AACS Content Certification and all AACS Order Processing Fees.

Blu-ray Replication Templates

blue ray replication
blu-ray authoring
blu ray logo
Blu ray Case Template
Blu ray Face Template
Blu ray Logos
blu ray replication
blu ray label
.sit file
blu ray cover
blu ray artwork


Retail Ready pricing is per complete packaged unit (disc, case, print & spine label) at indicated quantity - no hidden extras. Shipping costs depend on destination and are not included in these prices.

For quantities higher than 10,000 pieces, please contact us for a quote. RareSky standardizes and shows pricing for beautiful offset printed disc faces. Why is this important to you? Because many other sites quote for silk-screen printed discs, which are significantly cheaper to produce, but look like low-quality, or "cheap" discs. 

Just be careful when shopping around and ensure you are comparing apples to apples. RareSky's policy is to produce the highest quality product available on the market today - period!